by G9ija

No doubt, cybercrime is an image nightmare for Nigeria.

Nigerian fashion influencer and blogger, Noble Igwe stirred the hornet’s nest when he disclosed that record label owners, car dealers and club owners in Lagos are major fraud fronts in the country, calling the attention of EFCC to them.

This led to countless online debates on the issue, with celebrities also lending their voices.

Seun Kuti, Afrobeat musician has expressed his opinion on the subject matter. Seun noted that what ‘Yahoo boys’ spend their money on, is to acquire products made by the western world in order to seek validation through them.

In his Facebook post, Seun wrote: “Wetin yahoo boy dey take money do? No be to buy expensive white man things? Lol. If they weren’t busy buying White man drink but building their communities maybe just maybe, I will see dem but I don’t.

“Steal white man’s money and the only way u can express that wealth is too seek validation by consuming the most expensive white man things and u say u are a Gee? All Yahoo boys are Mugus for whitey still, dem be learner. Wait that 100k u used 3 months to set the job how long did it take Gucci to collect it back? MUGU. Until we can express our success outside of white validation thru their brands and luxury items of status and class, U STILL BE MUGU.

Politician and yahoo boy only want to oppress with their wealth. #sameni

Bank md and yahoo boy love luxurious life #sameni

All the elites and yahoo boys don’t give a fuck about community”