By Olatunde Fapohunda (MD),

The Oye Family matriarch Mrs. Olufumilola Eunice Asabi Babarinwa Oye was called to glory on the 25th January 2018.

mama Oye


Iya mi. Hmmmmm😥 death has left a VOID that cannot be filled.
Olufunlola Asabi“ Abiyamo Toto, Iya o ninu re “ as someone called you.
I call you My Mum, My Rock, My Prayer 🙏🏽 Warrior, My Bright Morning STAR 💫, My Olufunlola, My Asabi, My Industrious Mentor, My Virtuous Woman (Role Model), MY MOTHER, And YES in FACT, you were, You ARE “ ABIYAMO TOTO “ Mother to All.
A Disciplinarian, A Guardian, A Confidant.
Your words/voice keeps echoing in my ears “ Babatunde, n le o oko mi( in Ilesa dialect ) and Ever ready PRAYERS.
Missing your expression, ( when I’m at IT AGAIN 😞 ) your Lovely Smiles ( Especially THOSE last Smiles you gave us before you went to GLORY), your Gist, your STRAIGHT TALKS, your Care and Compassion, remembering you coming from Nigeria making sure EVERYONE gets a bit of what you brought, which drives me nuts 😡it was after an event with someone I realised what Sharing and Giving was All about and these Attributes you’ve INSTILLED in Us as your Children.

Glory be to God Almighty for being My Mum, for the Upbringing and Ethos instilled in Us and Everyone that crossed your Path whom you TOUCHED POSITIVELY.
IYA MI, Olufunlola, Asabi, Iya Ala so Oke. I known you are in Heaven, dining with God Almighty and the Heavenly Angels, where there’s no more pain and sorrow.

Rest WELL In Peace Mum.
We Love 💕 you but HE LOVES💕you MORE

Babatunde Oye.


Mummy’s tribute

Mummy, I’m not sure your departure has fully sunk in because it feels like you are watching quietly in the background only to soon laugh and say how we could all think you would go yet. Even as we prepare to say our final goodbyes and we inch closer to the day it seems I have to agree that it’s for real.

Well, what words can ever describe the huge void that you have left? only God can fill. Of course missing you is an understatement.

Is it from you telling me off in that Ijesha tone…’okare o’ when I had done something that didn’t quite meet your standard?
Or when you would get back from a trip and tried to share in equal measure to all of us the food stuff I never had to worry about buying…I remember the way Tunde will fight to see you first so he could make sure he got the best pomo and dried fish. And since Aunty Tope never really uses iru because of the smell, hmmm, I got a good deal!
Is it the fashion icon that you were? How you would even sometimes tell us how to combine and match outfits and colours while Tunde would watch and say even Mum has better taste than us.
Or how hospitable you were in making sure you offered every visitor something to eat no matter how little?
The times that you spoke your mind and shared with me some deep things?
I could go on…
Knowing that you live on makes it somewhat bearable because you received Christ. I am fully assured that you have transitioned to glory and are resting well.

So it’s good bye mummy….rest on!

Mrs Kemi Oye


Dear Grandma,
It’s very difficult to believe that you are physically no longer here with us, but we know that you are Spiritually here with us. It has now been three months since you have passed away and there is not one day that I do not think about you, but you surely are in a better place with God. You always had something to say to make us happy and it worked because with you there was always laughter and we cannot thank you enough for all the great things you have given and prophesied in our lives. You were a very happy person even if there were some off days, you still had a smile on your face and I can never forget the many memories that we have cherished together.
Grandma I love you very much and do not forget that, I miss you and I hope to see you in eternity.
~Oluwatoni Oye


Aunty in a million. Even left but she is a joy that cannot be taken away.  Once she enters your life, she’s there to stay.

A friend who helps you through difficult times.  Her comforting words are worth much more than Nairas. Aunty who fills your life with laughter and smiles. These memories of yours will for years and years.  Whenever you are with her, the world is filled with life. We will be moving from one topic to another.

A companion to whom you can express your feelings, whether you are having your ups and downs, she’s always there with a smile.  An Aunty, a friend, a mother and grandma too, you taught people around you LOVE and how to fight and when to fight, you gave us strength, an inspiration. In your heart, you were always kind. You fought for us all in one way or the other.

For all of us, you gave your best. What can I say, sweet aunty, now the time has come for you to rest.So go in peace, you have earned your sleep, my dear aunt, good friend, sweet mother, and great-grandma, sleep well. You love in our hearts, we’ll eternally keep. May Jehovah  God grant you eternal rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Ajewole and Family.”

“I have been looking forward to seeing you in Nigeria this year  because you are just like a mother to me,l love you so much but God loves you more, may your soul rest in perfect peace.”

“I’d like to honor my BIG MUMMY with a brief reflection. Words cannot capture the fullness of her life. She gave birth to four children and ‘mothered’ many more. She was an AMAZING  mother. Her life was a great testimony of God’s love until the end. My BIG MUMMY was a great role model to me. I have always had a special bond with her.

I am very privileged to have known this PHENOMENAL woman. I am going to miss you, mummy. I will miss your smile, your prayers, and love. I appreciate all that you did for my dad (late Sesan Kolawole aka BabaRICKY) and my siblings  Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU.
I know you are in a better place and reunited with your parent and siblings. I pray your beautiful soul rest in peace and I pray all your prayers for us come to pass. I wish you stayed longer with us but those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.
Omotayo Kolawole
(Omo Iya Alaso oke)”

“Mummy Aguda as you were fondly called our intimacy spanned almost 3 decades.You had always been wonderful and supportive to our family even after the main string  (Banke)that tied us together departed to the great beyond.We surely shall miss you greatly but our consolation remains in the fact that we will meet again on the resurrection day when we meet to part no more.Sleep soundly in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu!
From MR &MRS  J.K.Alegbe”

“Rarely in life, do we meet people who have a profound impact on our lives. It has been a pleasure to have known this kind, fearless and devoted woman of God for over thirty years. Words alone cannot express our sadness and grief. She has been a constant rock to our family, being there for us in times of joy, in times of difficulty and in times of sorrow. No matter what the circumstances are, her infectious smile and humour radiate the room. Many will testify that she has a way with words but always with a sense of humility and joy. She was deeply protective of her family and continually bestowed her unconditional love upon them – raising four wonderful children of whom she was always proud of. The world is missing a light but that light has returned to our father. May the Lord bless her family and keep them always. May the Lord make his face to shine upon them and be gracious onto them, May the Lord lift up his countenance upon them and give them peace. May Christ be with them and within them, may Christ be beside them and before them and may Christ comfort them and restore them. May her soul rest in perpetual peace and rise in glory. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. With love from the Olatunji Family.”

“My sister, friend, and confidant. A good mother who is ready to do anything for her children and loved ones. A warrior, always already to speak up for the voiceless. A God-fearing Christian. I was looking forward to you coming home. Every time I remember, tears roll down my eyes and I ask why now?
I will not be seeing you again but you will live in my heart forever. The house is empty without you. Thank you for the impact you made in our life. Thank you for being there for the Kolawole’s children.
Iya oko mi, waju ti e kuju si aade, eyin ti e fisile ko ni baje. Sun re Big Mummy I will miss you forever. Goodnight Mama Alaso oke.”

From Alhaja Kolawole

Your death has given us vacuum that nobody can fill. Mummy, I always call her. Mummy was a trainer, disciplinarian and teacher take it or leave it. Am really short of words to describe you ( mummy). People saw you in different ways. You an epitome of the book of Prov. 22:29, seeth thou a man diligent in his/her business, he/she shall stand before kings, he /she shall not stand before mean men. She is hard working, today, Oja oje, tomorrow Ede, Iseyin and Ilorin for Aso oke to make money, she trained me how to make money to turn kobo to naira and naira to million’s. She taught me endurance and patient.
Since I joined this family I know mummy to be a prayer person, if you hate to pray you can stand mummy when it comes to prayer, mummy will pray for everyone, one by one in the house. She is a loving mother indeed.
Mummy, if not the fact that it has been given to all men to die, I will wish all of us to be together for life…….
S. Owoade Akanmu( in Divine yard)”

“Tribute on Madam Olufunmilola Eunice Bolarinwa-Oye as a nice woman and caring mother throughout her lifetimes, was very easy and free to be friends with, and she was a good trader and she was fondly called mama Tope by me. May her soul rest in peace. ‘Sun re Omo owa Obokun Ilesa’ Bye Bye. Mama sola Shokoya”

“It was with great shock and deep sense of loss that we received the news of Mama’s death.
It is natural that the death of anybody dear to us is always painful. We should, however, draw consolation from the noble teaching of our Christian faith that the death of any good person offers him or her a chance to enter another life eternally blissful in form. We join you in praying for a happy repose of Olufunmilola Eunice Bolarinwa-OYE
in the Lord.
Although Mama has passed on, we believe that the good deeds she left behind will be a sufficient asset that will lead the family through.
It is our prayers that the Good Lord will find her worthy to secure a place in His bossom.
Eternal rest grant her O’ Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!
To our Brother Sam and his wife – Tope, please accept our heartfelt condolences, while we pray that God will grant you the fortitude to bear this loss.
Barr.& Mrs. Nonso Udekweleze.”

“Mummy was a good mother to me she didn’t take me like a younger sister to her friend late chief Mrs. Jobi Fele, she will always call me and ask how is the market and always respond(Olorun ayowa).She didn’t let me feel the absence of my late sister she gives me the necessary advice, I missed how you used to call me (oyinbo)We will all miss you, mummy, continue to rest till we meet to part no more.”


“My dear your mother was one of the nicest people I know and I know that she was a great mother to you all too.
You have my deepest sympathy for your loss.
There are no amount of words or messages that can express how much she meant to me. My heart is aching.
No matter wherever she is, she’ll always be watching over you. She will stay with you forever.
I know this is a very sad and difficult time for you and your siblings. Please take heart, my dear.
please extend my sympathy to the rest of your siblings.
There will never be another woman like her.
I hope it comforts you to know that your grief is shared by all of us who knew your mum. She was a wonderful woman and she will be sorely missed.
From Alhaja Ajadi”

“TRIBUTE _ To Chief Olufunmilola Eunice Asabi Bolarinwa_Oye
From_ Otalor family.
We knew Aunty through my childhood friend Ojuola from Awogboro’s family over 33years ago.
Aunty came from Nigeria hoping to stay with Ojuola but Ojuola already made a plan with us to stay as her family already moved back to Nigeria for good. So Aunty followed Ojuola to stay with us. From them on Aunty started staying with us whenever she comes to London. Aunty deals with Textiles and Jewellery business from Austria and. London.As a result of this close Relationship. 24 years ago  Aunty and Mama Sawyer visited us when we opened our house at Agbor in Delta State.On most of her trips to London Aunty always brings us Nigeria made cloth and foodstuffs.
Even two years ago Aunty and Mama Sawyer came to bless our new house at Ajao Estate. Aunty was an Industrious and hard working woman who made name for herself. And was able to send her four children abroad for further studies. Aunty leads a very active, sociable life,  very kind and loved by all.
The entire Otalor family and relations will surely miss our darling Aunty.  May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.”

Good night mummy
We give thanks to God almighty for mommy’s life. She lived her life dedicated to God, her children, and humanity. Mummy, You have left us today but you won’t be forgotten.
You were like a mother to us, we thank you for your motherly Advice, encouragement, prayers, thank you so much. We hope by now you would have seen your friend in heaven our mother (Mrs anike jobs-file)greetings to her..and may your souls continue to rest in peace. We miss you Jobi-fele’s…”

“On behalf of the P.C.C. and the entire members of St. Pauls Millenium Anglican Church Odo-Owa Ekiti, we appreciate God for the life well spent.
The news of your death came to us as if you were still underage, all because of your lifestyle. Despite the fact that there were ups and downs, you still gave necessary support to your husband who is an outstanding and devoted member of the P.C.C. as well as the Auditor of our church in person of chief George Afolabi Oye.
Goodnight Mama, a o made I’ese Jesu I’ojo Ajinide
St Pauls Millenium Anglican Church, Odo-Owa Ekiti
Ven I.O. Olagunju”

“I am sad to know that you have passed on to the place beyond. You were such a very precious loving soul. I will deeply miss you since we are all from the same compound at Omole, Ilesa. I know you have gone to a better place. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Ven M. O. Odanye”

“It is so easy to write this tribute, simply because Mama Tope lived a purposeful, decisive and honest life, there is no issue in knowing precisely what she stood for on any subject.
I simply could not understand the tears at her passing, as I told all about her being in the bosom of the Lord Almighty. Sleep on Mamatope till the resurrection morning, when we shall meet to part no more.
Prince Aladesanmi Adeniyi”

“Thank God for the victorious home call of Aya Oye. May your good work continue to speak as your soul rests in the bosom of the Almighty God.
Chief L. O. Akinbode”

“My wife Oluwafunmilola Asabi was a very wonderful woman, kind, generous and sincere. She was straightforward and honest. She stood by me with all seriousness when I went back for further studies. She seriously encouraged me not to rest in my ears.
Funmi was a person who loved and cared, who saw a person’s need and filled it, who encouraged and lifted people up, who spent energy on others rather than herself, who touched each life she entered and made a difference in the world. May the love you had shown to others return to your children in multiples.
Sun re o. May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest in his bosom. Goodnight Asabi!
Chief George Afolabi Oye
Your Darling Husband.”

“Goodnight Big Mummy.Thank you for playing a vital role in nurturing me to be the woman I have become today. All that strictness and regular admonition: “Ile oko lo nlo” paid off seriously. You are indeed an abiyamo to’to: I admired the way you loved and worried about the well being of your children. I also admired how you were so industrious.
Thank you for your support and effort towards my siblings and I. Olulonkonise misses you and still says “I am going to greet big grandma” whenever we are in Ogba. Rest in the bossom of the Lord mama.”

“Mummy will be forever missed by many, She’s kind and generous to many, she was fun to be with and most importantly was dedicated to her Children who are very close friends of mine.
Her memory will continue to leave on through her Children.
May her soul continue to rest peacefully with Lord Amen.”

“Mummy will be forever missed by many, She’s kind and generous to many, she was fun to be with and most importantly was dedicated to her Children who are very close friends of mine.
Her memory will continue to leave on through her Children.
May her soul continue to rest peacefully with the Lord Amen.”

“Mama Tope you a mother in a million. You are my
big sister and friend in need and indeed. The
news of your passing to glory came as a shock,
what is this life about. Like the death of my mother
who you cherished so much, asking myself if I will
ever come out of this again. You are kind, generous,
hard-working and supportive in many ways in my life.
The set of beads you removed from your neck and
earrings given to me are still with me, I had visited
you in your humble, loving, respective and God-fearing
Tope. But you did not show any sign of illness
Why have you left us so soon? You are a blessing
to whoever came in contact with you. Who are we to
blame God? We believe as Christians that you are
resting in the bosom of your Father in heaven,
May God bless the fruits of your womb, the works
of your hands, your loved ones and the family. May
God gives us the strength and fortitude to bear
your irreplaceable loss, Oku Olomo ki i sun o.
Ma gbagbe awon omo ati awon omo omo e o.
Continue to Rest in Peace. You shall forever
be missed. I will keep the beads in remembrance
of you, my sweet sister.”

“I met Tope’s mum through my mother during my growing up years. She was my mother’s friend and later on, I met Tope. I remember her beautiful smile and the loyalty she showed my mother. May her soul rest in perpetual peace. The good Lord will strengthen the children with her entire family to bear the loss.Rest on mama in the bosom of the Lord.”

 Abdul-Rahman K Ishmael “There is no greater love than the loved one has for his/her mother but there is no greater loss than when she leaves and goes to be with her creator. E sun re o”

“To all this note shall come, greetings! And to all the children of mama Bolarinwa-Oye, I say don’t cry too much. To all her friends, neighbors, acquaintances, church members and all those that joined this wonderful family at this sobering moment, thank you. Mama Bolarinwa lived well. She helped many when she was alive. She served God until the day of her rest. She was always eager to assist the needy, a good listener, very generous, assertive, thoughtful, articulate and God-fearing. Mama is resting. Not in pain. Waiting for the voice of Jesus Christ to get up from her deep sleep John 5:28,29, Revelation 21: 3-5. Mama Bolarinwa has run her race to the finish. So to all my brothers and sisters, don’t cry too much. Believe in God promises of resurrecting the dead from their deep sleep, stay strong in the faith, draw closer to God, pray regularly and let all of us keep our eyes on the prize of everlasting life in a paradise earth when pain, mourning, sorrow, tears will be things of the past. In conclusion, our beautiful mother, sister, Aunty, friend, and mama Alade as known by many of us may you Rest In Peace. See you on the day of resurrection.” By Samuel Sawyerr

“My dear mummy,  I will miss you greatly. You were very supportive and generous to a fault. Always ready to help in times of trials and tribulations. Rest in the bossom of your creator till we meet to part no more. Sun ree,  abiyamo tooto.”

“The beauty of life is not how many years we lived but the number of smiles we created and the impact we had on people and dare I say you had a MASSIVE IMPACT on a lot of us. “MUMMY LEKO” as you were fondly called you were more than just a mother, grandmother or great-grandmother. You were a role model and am sure you left a lot of long-lasting smiles on people’s faces. Continue resting in the eternal bossom of the Lord. We love you but God loves you most. Sun re o……..”

“My mother, my mother, my mother,  how can I forget you! You were always there for me, my husband and children, my mother, my sister and my best friend. When I remember your last smile I know for sure you are at God’s feet, where you are enjoying eternal rest full of glory. I will love you always, sleep well my dearest mum.”

London Service Of Song

Courtesy Tunde Oye