by G9ija

Nigerians have continued to react over a video of Omotola that surfaced online yesterday. In the video Omotola can be seen performing on stage with her band at the grand ball in commemoration of her 40th birthday.

They advised her to give up on music, adding that she needs to focus on her acting.

Recall that Omotola released her debut album in 2005 with the release of her hit song ‘GBA’

A certain Royal wrote on Instagram: “Omotola please give up on your music dream please. Don’t sing again”.

“Why does she think she can sing though? She doesn’t have a nice voice” Odionzure said.

Azebookhai said: “As in I am watching d song again! The backup singer keeps going off key, she d omosexy keeps missing a beat before singing. Why? Maybe you could have read a poem? Acted a play? Or launched a book? Like kilode”?

“I love her, but she needs to stop singing” Mayowa asserted on Instagram