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11-yr-old girl gets pregnant after being repeatedly raped by school security guard


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A top student in China has been raped by her school’s security guard multiple times in the space of two year, according to police.

The 11-year-old, nicknamed Lele, was already five months pregnant when the incident came to light. Her family have arranged an abortion for her.

The suspected attacker, a married man in his 50s, has been arrested by the Biyang police in central China on suspicion of raping an underage girl.

Lele’s family hadn’t realised that the girl had been raped at school until a recent physical examination showed she was five months pregnant, according to, a news outlet affiliated to the Work Committee of Young Pioneers of China.

Apparently, Lele’s mother noticed Lele was not ‘well’, so she took her to the clinic for a checkup on January 15. The girl’s mother was shocked to be told that the girl was with child and called the police.

Lele was just nine years old when she was first raped, a family member revealed to the reporter.

The same family member claimed at the time, Lele was playing on the school’s playground, but was dragged to a staircase by a security guard and got raped.

Lele’s family also claimed that Lele was raped several other times at the school by the same person in the following two years.

They mentioned one time in particular: Lele was dragged into an abandoned building and got raped last summer.

Lele had been a top student in her school, but in the last two years the girl was said to become ‘very quiet’.

The local Biyang police have arrested a suspect.

In a police report, released on January 25, the suspect is named Liu Baoming who lives in the same town and works at Lele’s school as a security guard.

The report also said Mr Liu had admitted raping Lele in an abandoned building in July, 2017.

The report didn’t mention whether or not Mr Liu had admitted to other accounts of raping.

In a report from Chinese news site The Paper, 11-year-old Lele was confirmed to be 21 weeks pregnant after an ultrasound scan yesterday.

Wang Chunkui, the headmaster of the No. 1 primary school of Magutian, told a local reporter that Mr Liu is in his 50s, has a wife and a child.

‘He has been working at the school for about five to six years. What he does is to maintain school’s security and students’ safety,’ said Wang.

Wang also mentioned that he had not received any complaints from Lele or her family in the past two years.

Lele’s family have decided to have the unborn baby aborted, according to Her family said they were arranging an abortion for her as soon as possible.

The case is under further police investigation.

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