By Olatunde Fapohunda (MD)

Early Life

17. Studio photo at 70 yrs old (a)

Christopher Olusegun Adebayo Ogunba was born on the 17th of September, 1934 to the family of Chief Michael Oyekoya Ogunba and Chief (Mrs) Emily Obafemi Ogunba. His father was a teacher at Ijebu Ode Grammar School and was later transferred to C.M.S Anglican Grammar School in Lagos. After his retirement from teaching service, he was popularly chosen as Congregation (Baba Ijo) Leader of St. Peters Anglican Church in his home town at Isire-Ijebu while his mother who was also a teacher left teaching to become a proprietress of O&S Bookshop at Ijebu Ode and Lagos, a business concern which imported primary school, secondary school and miscellaneous books from United Kingdom and Europe for distribution to cities and towns in the Old Western Region of Nigeria and some cities in the Old Eastern Region of Nigeria.


18. Studio photo at 70 yrs old (b)

His parents were devoted Anglican denomination Christian worshippers at Isire, Irolu, Abeokuta, Ijebu-ode and Lagos centers. Christopher’s naming and baptismal ceremony took place at St. Peter’s Cathedral Church Ake, Abeokuta in September 1934 and his confirmation as a Christian was conducted under the control of Bishop S.O.Odutola at the Cathedral Church of our Saviour, Ijebu-ode in December 1952.

Educational Background

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Christopher attended the following primary schools:

1.    St. Peter’s Cathedral Church School, Ake, Abeokuta – 1939 to 1941

2.    Christ Church School Porogun, Ijebu Ode – 1942 to 1946

From 1947 to 1952, he attended Ijebu Ode Anglican Grammar School, where he was a member of the School Chapel Choir, working together with the Choir of the Cathedral Church of Our Saviour in Ijebu-Ode. He joined the Scout Movement in 1947 and he was also an accordion enthusiast at some point.

Further Studies

In 1952, he passed the Senior (Overseas) Cambridge School Certificate examination and by 1953, he secured employment as an Accounts Clerk at the Comptroller of Customs and Excise Headquarters Office at Marina, Lagos.

He attended Hull University to study Law between 1957 and 1961. Also in 1957, he enrolled with Lincoln Inn of Court of the British Council of Legal Education.

In 1962, he enrolled with the Balham and Tooting College of Commerce in London, now known as South-West of London College of Commerce to complete the final examination of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators.


In sport, he featured in 100 yard race and relay race in competitions with other schools and colleges in the Old Western Region. He also participated in Cricket and table tennis games for recreation.

Work Life

Christopher returned to Nigeria in 1964, and was offered employment as an Insurance Officer by Messers T.A. Braithwaite Insurance Brokers Nigeria Limited. In 1967, he secured a employment with Royal Exchange Assurance Nigeria Plc as Assistant Insurance Superintendent. He worked in the Control office of the company and rose from Assistant to Principal Superintendent in 1986 and Statistics Manager in 1992. He retired from the service of Royal Exchange Assurance Plc at the age of 60 years in 1994.

Spiritual Life

In 1971, he was admitted into the Great Divine Holy Order of the Third Era for his spiritual journey and development, a Church where he worshipped till his last day on earth. He was a fervent member of the Church and put in his all to learn more about his Creator. He usually referred to the Holy Order as the greatest of all gifts which God gave unto man.

Family Life

In 1972, he met with Miss Esther Oyinade Otubusin, whom he said he knew was destined to be his wife. In 1973, their engagement ceremony took place at Ijebu-Ode and on 28th July 1973, their wedding ceremony took place at the Cathedral Church of our Saviour at Italowajoda, in Ijebu-Ode on 28th July, 1973. The marriage is blessed with children and many grand children.


We give glory, honour, adoration, praises and appreciation to the Almighty God for calling our father into the Great Divine Holy Order of the Third Era, for the revelation of Christ Light to him and for manifold graces, gifts, virtues, joys and blessings bestowed upon him.

He was a true and devoted Christian who had the fear of God and was always ready to obey all divine instructions. Good night Pa Christopher Olusegun Adebayo Ogunba. Take your well deserved rest till we meet on the resurrection day to part no more.

Tributes to Pa Christopher Olusegun Adebayo OGUNBA

I give all the glory, honour, praise, adoration and thanksgiving to the Almighty God, the Omni-present and everlasting God who had kept us together all these years.

I recall like yesterday when our journey started, our lofty aspirations and the many hurdles and set-backs that so beset us. You were steadfast through it all choosing to trust and obey for you were convinced there was no other way. You were firm to a fault in your resolve, sparsely leaving room for discouragement to make you relent in your avowed intent to be a soldier for Christ. You did this in your own little way, choosing character to be far desired above rubies and diamond.

You were a role model to our children and a pillar of support through their formative years, instilling in them sound Christian virtues and values to carry them through life. Today to the glory of God, they are emerging in your footsteps.

You are not a man of many words preferring expression to loud chatter. This attribute many misconstrue like I did too for some years before things became clearer.

Onward Christopher the Christian soldier. O digboose. You will always be in my heart. Till we meet to part no more.

– Your darling wife, Oyinade


On that fateful Silent and Holy Christmas night of the year just ended, you translated from this sinful world without anyone capturing those final moments. The events leading to your demise keep jostling for attention in my mind. Firstly, I didn’t see it coming at the beginning of the year, for you had discussed with us how you planned to be around with us for a while longer. All that is history now as the reality of our world without you beckons.

Christopher, you were a very good man, blunt and never diplomatic on issues of ethics, character, justice and fairness. You were audacious and paid dearly for it on many occasions. For you, only God was to be feared. You lived a Spartan life eschewing vain acquisitions, moral recklessness and abdication of parental responsibility. I remember now, the very many occasions when you “told me things as you saw them”. You labored to train all your children and made a great deal of sacrifices together with our mother to see us through the diverse institutions we attended. You mostly maintained a cool, calm and gentle disposition but rose stoutly against anything that impugned your personal and spiritual persuasions.

I dare to call you shy, for you never openly showed affection to my mum or the children, but was quick to tell others that cared to listen, how grateful you were to God for blessing you with a virtuous woman and wonderful children. You were generous and kind and this was always within your limit.

Well, like a chip off the old block, I don’t recall ever telling you how much I love and appreciate you, I guess for us, ‘Actions speak louder than words”. I hope you’re listening. There you have it!

You fought many great spiritual battles to maintain the cohesion of your family, for as you put it then, you saw more clearly, the things hidden from our mortal sight. You were always very cautious and conscious of the consequences of your actions and thus kept them measured throughout your sojourn.

These battles led you to Jesus Christ on a whole new pedestal in the early seventies. You stuck like glue to HIM and wondered why anyone would dare venture outside of the fold. To you, the urge to know more about yourself and your purpose within the grand design of God was of utmost priority. You constantly re-dedicated yourself to Jesus Christ, becoming a light bearer and strand of light of the Greater LIGHT, preaching to all that cared to listen, the true essence of our short stay here. You almost became a recluse to family and friends, preferring to follow only in the footsteps of your Saviour and Master. Even while your mortal body was failing, you never stopped praying and seeking the Master’s presence and essence in those final moments.

Now that you’re gone, testimonies have begun pouring in, even from those I never knew that your paths crossed. Today, I thank God for the legacy you gave to us and all you meant to us. It will be difficult without you (our first New Year day without you lends credence to this), however, we are certain that you are in another room; just around the corner and that our next meeting will be a joyous moment. For the moment, we will celebrate your birthday with every new patronal anniversary and your departure every Christmas day. Till then, take your well earned rest from our world and be just as good (even better) on your next assignment.

– Your son, Ayodokun Ogunba 

My father, Christopher Olusegun Adebayo Ogunba (COA) is a man of  great virtues – Spiritual and Physical.(I find it difficult to descibe you in past tense). He has an infectious smile and a great sense of humour.You cannot be with COA Ogunba for five(5) minutes without hearing about the lord Jesus Christ and life generally as a believer. He propagates the gospel to anyone and everyone around him, at every given opportunity even in his old age. He does not only love God but he practises his ideals in his daily christian walk and he also imbibed these same virtues into his children very early in life, which has made us more united and God loving even as siblings. He will be remembered for his high level of discipline, intelligence, Hardwork  and forthrightness in any situation that calls for his views.

My father was also a very principled man amongst his peers, if you wanted to hear the raw truth about any matter either in the family or generally, you consult COA Ogunba. He was very bold and had no fear of  man.I guess this sometimes made him misunderstood..His total confidence was unshakable and his faith was 100% with God.

No matter how old the age of a father at death, it remains a loss.And so, I pray that the lord fills the gap your demise has created ,comfort the heart of the entire family and also grant you eternal repose.

Dad,I love you without measure but God loves you more and so he called you to himself on a special day (Chrismas – the birth of Christ, the Saviour whom you so love and preach) that will make your remembrance evergreen..Your memories will linger in my heart, as we share a special bond as father and only daughter.. We met in this world of sin, now parted but we will meet again by God’s grace at the foot of  Jesus Christ ,our lord, and Saviour. Sun re Baba rere.

God night and sleep on Dad. O di gba.

– Your daughter, Olubukunola Falusi

I am so glad God made you the vehicle through which I came to this earth plane.

I recall how you nurtured us to grow in the way of the Lord – waking us up early in the morning by 4:30am to ask us if we will be going to the temple without forcing us but explaining the reasons why we need to get closer to God.

I also recall you taught us to always be prayerful and to make sure we say our prayers by 8pm every day when you are going in to say yours. Also fresh in my memory is the stance you took to ensure that we all have our prayer books to write out specific prayers from your book full of constructed prayers and your usual saying when we fail to say our prayers that, there is a limit to which your prayers can cover us and your usual saying that, “Adura baba ko le gba omo la”. Now I fully understand what you mean.

You have thought us to be diligent, honest and upright in our dealing with the family and everybody. That, we have imbibed and I’m bold to say today, that you have laid a wonderful example for us which will last for so long in our memory.

We never knew you were a fantastic cook until mummy had to travel to Port Harcourt on official assignment for a week. I remember the delicious meals you cooked for us giving each person 3 big pieces of meat each. We wished mummy’s course extended for another week. It was a meal in a life time.

I respect your blunt and plain nature. You say things as you see them without being diplomatic. You are also a fearless person; you told us to respect everyone both old and young but we should only fear God.

You are a very wonderful father, even though we do have issues we disagree on, I do respect you daddy. You have set our feet on the path to know and worship God and for that, we will be eternally grateful.

– Your son, Abimbola Ogunba

Daddy as I fondly call you, you left a high standard of godly life for us to emulate. Your legacy are supernatural and imprint in my heart. God created you an embodiment of divine light. Your lifestyle of various earthly sacrifices for all will forever be remembered.

Rest on my great, loving ,beloved and a true follower of Jesus Christ. You remain my eternal companion in the path of divine light.

Sunre baba mi tooto

– Your son, David Oluseye Olugbemiga Ogunba

Thank you dad for the love and affection you showed to me from birth. Your personal efforts toward ensuring my success in various spheres of life will never be forgotten. You did offer several words of wisdom to help me follow the right path to success. Your countless fatherly advice on my academic, social and spiritual pursuit will forever be cherished while your departure from this mortal world will be greatly missed. However, I am comforted with the fact that you served God wholeheartedly during your lifetime and also led several people to salvation. Your love for everyone was not in doubt with the numerous assistance, sacrifices and advice you offered from time to time. You laid a lasting legacy for your wife and children to emulate. You will be remembered for your discipline, honesty, principles, values, generosity and constructive assessment on various issues.

Above all, you worshipped God with sincerity and devotion during your lifetime and I would not forget the several interactive sessions you had with your family and friends on the need to draw closer to God. No wonder you chose to depart this mortal world on Christmas day which symbolized your love and affection for our savior Jesus Christ as reflected in the meaning of your name – Christopher (bearer of Christ)

I do not grieve for you now because you are free. You followed the path God laid for you by taking His hands when you heard Him call. Your parting left a void which would be filled with fun memories of you. Though your life on earth was not brief, I won’t lengthen it now with undue grief. God wanted you and had set you free.

Rest on dad in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more. We love you but our creator loves you best.

– Your darling son, Mobolaji Ogunba

I look back growing up with my siblings in Ijebu Ode where I was born 9 years behind our brother Segun. Our home was on Abeokuta Road, right opposite the campus of Ijebu Ode Grammar School where our father Papa M.O Ogunba taught for 10 years, after teaching at Abeokuta Grammar School the previous 10 years. I remember well when brother Segun was a goalkeeper for IOGS, and his right hand was twisted 180 degrees as he tried to fend off a hot volley from his goal area, and I rushed home to call our parents as he was transported to Ijebu Ode General Hospital. I remember vividly when he worked for Nigerian Customs and Excise and he didn’t like it; he also worked for the General Post Office and he didn’t like how some postal workers were opening registered letters that didn’t belong to them.

I also remember when he flew to London in 1957 to join our oldest brother, the late brother Jimi. I remember how I prayed often that God Almighty should preserve our parents who were sending money to them regularly until they wrote a letter that they were self-sufficient financially and Papa didn’t need to send any more money to them.

These are fond memories of Papa Dokun who was a gentle giant, but a fierce defender of what he believed in. I pray that Almighty God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit will bring him into HIs Celestial Empire; and console his Faithful wife, Mama Dokun and his children, grand children, and the rest of us in the wider Ogunba and Akideinde families. Bodily death, afterall, is an act of God’s great mercy on His beloved children. We love him, but God loves him more.


    You can shed tears that he is gone or you can smile because he has lived here on this earth.

You can close your eyes wishing he’ll come back or you can open your eyes and see that he has left. Your heart may be empty because you can’t see him or you may be full of the memories and love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember him only because he is gone or you can cherish his memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back; or you can do what he probably would want: Smile, open your eyes, love, give glory to God and go on.

But the souls of the righteous are in the hands of God; and no torment will ever touch them. And those who trust in Him will know, be wise, and understand, and they will faithfully abide with Him in love; because grace and mercy are upon His holy ones, and He watches over His elect.

– Your brother, Dr. Victor O. Ogunba

My dear brother Christopher Olusegun Adebayo Ogunba – after his departure, I pondered on who he really was. I was only 5 years old when he left home for greener pastures. He came back just before I left for further studies, but we got closer with time, especially over the past 2 decades. He was strict but very kind, a man of faith and hope. He was blunt, straightforward, honest and sincere. He was more interested in pleasing his creator than man – a rare virtue to find.

One knew exactly where they stood with him and this made dealing with him particularly enjoyable. Sweet talking, cajoling and scheming were never his style. He also ensured that no single challenge kept him down. He rose up and soared over them. I will miss him very much. Till we meet again at the bosom of our dear Lord and Saviour, Adieu my dear brother.

– Your sister, Dr. (Mrs) I.T.Ajayi

Brother Segun or Papa Dokun, as we fondly called him, was the second eldest of the seven children of Late Papa Michael Oyekoya Ogunba and Late Mama Emily Obafemi Ogunba.  He had completed his secondary school education at Ijebu Ode Grammar School before I (youngest of the siblings) reached the age of awareness. The family relocated to Lagos from Ijebu Ode when I was about four years old. Brother Segun worked for a few years at the Board of Customs and Excise and traveled to the United Kingdom for further studies in 1957, before I reached my tenth birthday. I remember his dignified towering figure board the airplane at Ikeja Airport as Papa, Mama, the rest of my older siblings and I waved good-bye to him. His elder brother, Late Vincent Obajimi Adebisi Ogunba, FCA, who had left for the United Kingdom a year earlier, in 1956, was to meet him upon arrival in UK.

I was already a teenager and eager to catch up with my big brother where we left-off, when Brother Segun returned from UK. He was gentle and caring and taught me the facts of life. He was approachable and guided my decision-making with philosophical advice and brotherly love and I always looked up to him with respect and reverence.

Brother was a devoted family man and advocated family togetherness. He is survived by his wife of several years, Mrs. E. O. Ogunba (Mama Dokun) and his children (Dokun, Bukky, Abimbola, Seye and Bolaji).  Brother strongly believed in education and professionalism and made sure by his example that all his children attained those goals.

He lived a good life and is now resting in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus. He will rise again in glory with all the saints on the last day. We thank God for his life and legacy. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

– Youngest of the siblings, Kole Ogunba

Baba oko, odigbose.

– Mrs E. Bode Ogunba

Precious is the death of the righteous in the sight of God (Psalm 116 vs 15).

In all things, we give glory, praises and adoration to God Almighty, Who stood by you throughout all the vicissitudes of your mortal life.

You loved and served God to the best of your ability and ensured that the fear of God was instilled in the lives of your family and all who came close to you.

You were a disciplined, no-nonsense christian, who held on to the truth and faith without waivering until the last trumpet call on Christmas day, when you peacefully transited unto glory, to join the hosts of heaven.

I will always cherish our discussions on words of wisdom and divine matters during my visits to you and your family in Lagos.

We are comforted that you are with your Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Rest in perfect peace.

– Mrs Q.I.O. Ogunba

Whenever I reflect on my dear uncle, what comes to mind is this;

He was first and foremost a peace loving, gentle giant.

And he was a giant in many more ways than one would imagine.

An exemplary specimen of a family man, a highly loving and doting husband to his wife, a strict disciplinarian but yet undoubtedly a loving father to his kids.

A very spiritual man, who held his faith close to heart. There is no doubt about how devoted you were to God the father. No-one had to ask where you would be on Saturday mornings!

Highly conservative very prudent, a bastion of strength, a great supporting pillar.

Dear uncle, you will be sorely missed by those of us you left behind,

I hold hope in the fact that one day we shall meet at our Fathers’ feet joyously to part no more.

Rest in peace my dear uncle.

– Dr. Babajide Ajayi.

I appreciate the grace of God upon the life of my father-In-Law Pa COA Ogunba. He is one in a million who stood shoulder high above the perversities of his generation. He was a rare breed without greed, a quiet and blunt man.

For a lot of people, he remains anonymous, he always wanted to remain one, but to me, his humility, his generosity and his love will be missed and truly remembered.

He was a great man embraced by God on December 25, 2017. Without prejudice, I am very sure and certain that Pa Christopher Adebayo Ogunba is in a better and happy place where second death has no access. O Death, where is your sting? (1 Corin. 15:55)

Adieu, Papa.

– Your son-in-law, Bamidele Falusi

Grandpa Ojota, we never knew we will be saying bye to you now.

You came to shine and lighten the world. You were hospitable; your level of magnanimity is immeasurable. You had a good heart and you were also a devoted Mishenite.

You left us on Christmas day. As you’ve now gone to be with your Creator, continue to watch over us. You will be thoroughly missed daddy!

May God grant your soul perfect peace.

– Your daughter-in-law, Oluwatoyin Ogunba

You were a very good man, though you could be very quiet but straightforward and very blunt. I have enjoyed my stay in your family as you have treated me as your daughter.

We love you but God loves you most.

– Your daughter-in-law, Olufunmilola Ogunba 

COA ogunba was not only a father in law but a father to me. His life was well spent.He is a quiet, gentle and principled man to the core. He is Honest in his ways and always stood for the truth. I call him Grandpa but he will always say I should call him daddy,that how can he have an adult like me as his grand child at his age.

– Your daughter-in-law, Olufunmilayo Ogunba

Though I spent only three years with you, It’s been like I have spent my whole life with you and didn’t see the end so close in this physical world as I wished to see more of you. The genuine love you had for your children was also extended to your grandchildren.

I will not forget the several words of encouragement and fatherly advice you offered me from time to time

Papa, I will miss you dearly till we meet to part no more.

Sun re baba daa daa. Odi ojo ajinde.

– Your daughter-in-law, Oluwaseun Ogunba

I never knew your departure will be too soon Grandpa. I will never forget your face, your teachings and your way of life.

We all love you, but God loves you most.

You are a true bearer of your name “Christopher” since you died on Christmas day. We all miss you.

Adieu Grand pa!!!

– Your grand daughter, Inioluwa Ogunba

You have been a great teacher to me and my siblings, now you have gone too soon. You helped me so much and made me to understand why we are in this world.

You came to this word on a celebration day and went as well on a celebration day

I remember vividly all the correctional “injections” you used to give us whenever we erred and money to buy things whenever we lacked anything.

I particularly remember you saying “I WILL GO WITH CHRIST” and go you did, though I was hoping that would be Easter.

Nevertheless, it is well with your soul Grandpa.

Odigba, till we meet again “Grandpa mi owon”.

– Your grand daughter, Oreoluwa Ogunba 

Dear Grandpa Why???

You were the best of the best.

You will always be in my heart.

– Your grand son, Olaoluwa Ogunba 

Grandpa, why did you leave?

You used to tell us stories, give us injection and play with us when we came back from school.

May God be with you in the better place where you now live.

– Your grand son, Ayooluwa Ogunba 

I will miss you so much Grandpa.

I went for holidays and before I came back, my daddy told me you have travelled. I said to where and he said heaven. I asked when are you coming back and he said you are not coming back. Bye bye Grandpa, bye bye. – Your grand daughter, Oluwayemisi Ogunba


 I went to your room and did not see you there. My mummy said you have travel to go and meet God. Grandpa, tell God to buy me bicycle and game and wrist watch and computer. – Your grand son, Ayobola Ogunba

Papa was a very simple, quiet and disciplined man. He loved all his grand children equally and unconditionally. May God console the family you left behind and also grant you perfect rest. I will miss you dearly. – Your grand daughter, Semilore Falusi

  Thank you grandpa for your life and times. You are a teacher and a man of great wisdom. You do not fail to correct us as you always set us on the right path at all times. Continue to rest in the bosom of your saviour. Till we meet to part no more. – Your grand son, Ayowole Falusi

My grandpa was a disciplinary man. He didn’t take nonsense from any grandchild. I will miss you and all the goodies you used to buy for us.  – Your granddaughter, Oluwasekemi Ogunba

Grandpa, I’m going to miss you so much especially your song that usually calms me whenever I cry. Bye bye, Grandpa. – Your grandson, Ololade Ogunba

Grandpa, I thank God for the privilege to have known you albeit for a short while. May your gentle and amiable soul rest in peace and may God grant you eternal rest. Love you always. – Your granddaughter, Damilola Falusi 

My grandpa spent only 75 days with me before going to heaven.

– Your grand daughter, Ilerioluwakiiye Ogunba

Dear wonderful grandpa. I thank God for given me the privilege to see, touch and name me OLUWASANMI before you transformed to be with Jesus on Christmas day. Sleep well Grand pa. – Your grand daughter, Modupeola Ogunba

Daddy Ogunba was a principled man, honest in his ways. A good family man that love his family. Adieu to a man of integrity. May your soul rest in perfect peace, (Amen).

 – S.O. Adesanya and Family

Egbon mi – It’s a life wellspent. We admire your spirit & legacy you left for us. It is well. God bless your family as you journey into the new sojourn. – Dr & Mrs A.K. Adefule

 Graced soul lives on. Congratulations!!!

– K. Osikomaiya & wife

He was not only my landlord but also a father. I enjoyed every visit I made to him and he told us lots of interesting stories that touches on values. Daddy, we miss you, rest in the bosom of the Lord. – Osamende Aisien

We thank God for a life of selfless service to God and mankind that our father lived. He exhibited a sincere fear of God in his life time. May his soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

– Prof. Dan Adebiyi

Daddy Ogunba lived a good life. He was peace loving, disciplined and very straight forward. He took us as his own children and was very loving. Being your doctor taught me never to give up because you were a strong fighter even when the situation was dicey, you never gave up. We love you but God loves you more. REST IN PEACE DADDY.

 – Mr & Dr. (Mrs) Stephen Ogunlami

To God Almighty Father be the glory, for a true and exemplary life of daddy who had absolute faith and trust in his Creator. Gone back to the father that he always trusted and loved.

 – Priest & sis E.J.O. Olusanya

Dearest brother, may your soul rest in perfect peace.

 – Dr. & Mrs. Funsho / Sola Peters

A dad in every sense of the word.

 – Oyebimpe Victor-Olaniyan

I have lost a great uncle and a man of peace. May your gentle soul rest in peace.

 –  Olumide Adenubi

Papa Ogunba, o di owuro. Ajanaku lo.

 – Sis A.A. Badejo

May papa’s soul rest in perfect peace.

 – Kemi Ogunnoiki


Praise God from whom all blessings flow. For a disciplined life worthy of emulation. God bless your soul in the next assignment.

– Mrs Yemi Onafowope

We thank God for your life. We love you but God loves you most. Sleep on daddy.

 – Mr & Mrs Gboyega Gisanri

May your gentle soul R.I.P.

 – Ronke Olushoga

 We love you uncle. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

 – Nike Ojetunde

Daddy, we will miss you in the bible class for your valuable contributions.

 – Bro R.S. Solarin

The life of a man is the story of his life. You have ran the race of life and won the crown of Christ. Death be not proud, for Christ have opened the gate of heaven to his beloved. May God continue to protect and bless the family you lived to nurture in Christ light.

 May you excel in your next assignment according to God’s command. Amen.

 – P&HP and Sis A.I. Adefule

Daddy in life you were great. Even in death, you were greater. From you we learnt humility and kindness but God loves you more R.I.P sir.

 – Seye Orimogunje

Keep doing the work of God in your new abode.

– Olubode Darley 

 May his gentle soul rest in peace.

 – Mr & Mrs Tolulope Ogundipe

Fun igbesi aiye rere, igbagbo ninu Olodumare, ife alailabawon atokan wa, pee eyin naa je apere fun eda gbogbo, e ma sun l’aya Olugbala. Aiye yin je eko fun gbogbo enian. Baba atata, esun re.

Agbo Mimo. Aya, omo, gbogbo wa fe yin. Awa omo Misheni mo ipa ti e nko ninu egbe ajumo ka bibeli. Titi a o fi pade lodo Jesu. O digbo ose o.

 – Kolade Sasanya

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

 – Mr & Mrs Ajibola Smith

Daddy, you ran a great race. You have gone to take up another glorious assignment. Fare thee well.

– Bro & sis I.O. Jeboda

On behalf of my siblings, we pray for the departed soul to rest in peace.

– Arc. Leke Ajayi

I never had a direct contact with papa but I have relationship with the sons; uncle Dokun and Bimbo and I saw baba through them. R.I.P.

 – Ebunoluwa Obidele

Rest In Peace.

– Mr & Mrs Asenuga

May daddy’s soul rest in perfect peace.

 – Mr Mimoyemi Opaniyi

May success be yours again in the journey being continued in the next his soul rest in perfect peace.

 – Mr & Mrs Tade Akinyemi

Baba, rest in perfect peace.

 – Welfare & Visitation Committee (GDHOTE)

You already lived a fulfilled life, enjoy your rest in God’s bosom.

– Capt. & Mrs J.A. Oyewunmi

Rest in perfect peace sir.

– Rt. Revd. J.F. Akinleye

 Rest in perfect peace.

 – Mr E.A. Osibona

The Saint we gained but whom God loved in excess, sleep on in the bosom of Christ – Rest in Peace Baba.

 – Bro Alaba Stowe  

Good luck soldier! Congratulations sir.

 – Temitope Akideinde

Uncle, rest in perfect peace.

 – Mrs A.A. Abiodun-Oredein

Rest in perfect peace.

 – Mrs Oluyemisi Alli

Rest in perfect peace papa. God bless

 – Patricia Biney