By Olatunde Fapohunda MD

One of the topmost Nigerian Saxophonics in the Uk Ben Audu launched his latest album yesterday, on boxing day. The event attracted fans, supporters, family members, and other various artists in the music industry, whom equally came to lend their support.

The event kicked off with prayers and various speakers who spoke glowing about the virtues of Ben Audu in personal terms and on a professional note.

There was plenty to eat and drink all were treated to various jazz renditions by Ben Audu and collaborations with other known guitarist sax players like Fere Jesu.

The line off with Ben Audu on stage was as follows.
Voices: Kenny Tee, Dupe Olayiwola.
Bassist: Emmanuel Adeniran.
Guitar: Taiye Agbaje
Keyboard: Seun Oke
2nd keyboard: Kunle
Trumpet: Jeff Oladapo
Drum kits: Stanley Ohios
Guess Artists: Ebenezer Oke (guitar) Niran Obasa (piano) Ayanfe Joseph (singer) Fere Jesu (trumpet) Lifted (engineer)

Below are some of the pictures taken at the event…

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