By G9ija

Popular Norwegian songstress, Sophie Elise Isachsen has said that she got death threats and racist abuse after her new music video in which she used a black actor.

According to her, she was terrified when offensive comments began pouring in online in reaction to the love story between herself and her co-star in the video to her single All Of Your Friends.

Isachsen  in the video acted out a passionate relationship with a partner, played by a black actor, while she sings about getting her retaliation by sleeping with the ex’s friends.

In her words: “I’ve been a public figure in Norway for about six years so I am used to getting a lot of hate. But I really didn’t think people would care about the guy’s skin colour in my video.I actually didn’t want to remove the comments because I wanted people to see that this type of thing still goes on,’ she added referring to the racism in the comments