By G9ija

The Minister for Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has said that Nigerians attach keen interest in purveying fake and bad news to the public that thus denigrates and reduces the state of the nation to naught internationally.

“I don’t no why Nigerians like sharing fake and bad news”, he quizzed.

In an interview with newsmen, Mr. Amaechi said that the completion of Abuja Airport within the stipulated six weeks was a surprise to most Nigerians.

However, recall that an alleged Abuja Airport was reported via video to be submerged last week. It was filled by newsmen that people swim to find their way inside the plane.

According to Mr. Amaechi, “There is a video flying around concerning Abuja Airport, it is not Abuja Airport. ” I don’t know where they got it from.

“Nigerians will forward bad news, they won’t forward good news”.

“Even if you issue a statement to say that the alleged Abuja Airport is not the real Abuja Airport, they will say, that is government talking, no one will forward it around to make it viral the way the bad news was made viral.

“But for those of you who are here, and for Nigerians who are listening, ‘that is not Abuja Airport, It’s absolutely not Abuja Airport, he stressed.

“If you doubt, you can go to Abuja Airport any time it is ready, if you see that, you can come forward. ” So it is just again another mischief.

Moreover, the interview was concluded with a scent of dramatic display as he summed it up by saying that such news is called Trump fake news.