By G9ija

A Rochester Police Officer, is under fire after he allegedly allowed girls who were bounced from a night club, to twerk on a Police patrol car.

The ladies were not allowed into Pearl nightclub, New York, as one of them wore a tracksuit which violates dress codes for nightclubs – the Police officer allegedly granted their request of twerking on the car, which Chris Barber recorded and posted on Twitter.

According to Barber, “He [The officer] said, ‘I’m going to turn my back real quick,’ which is kind of a way of saying not yes, but not saying no.”

However, the Rochester Police Department, New York, has released a statement saying the twerk video is “inappropriate“, as it represents an unacceptable image of the Police Department.

Here’s what Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said on ABC 13: “Although the RPD personnel did not intend for this occur, the result was an inappropriate and unacceptable image for the Rochester Police Department.

Another photo below