By G9ija

Nigerians have gone digging to dish out more facts about the popular Big Brother Nigeria’s  housemate Bisola.

In newly emerged photos, the BBN contestant featured in FalzTheBahGuy’s ElloBae video.

She acted as Falz’s love interest in the video.

Bisola has also acted in some comedy skits and Nollywood movies like jealous husband, life of a Nigerian couple, etc.

In a more recent news, Biggie asked on the chance of winning the N25m prize money and she replied,

“Truth is, i don’t know, people might see it differently, I do want to win, but being up here and being in this house, I’m already a winner whether i like it or not. I may not physically get the cash, but i already see myself as a winner. And i keep saying it, i am going to use this platform to the fullest as long as there is life in me and big brother has given me this chance, oh my goodness. So i see myself as a winner even if i do not get the cash”