By G9ija

The busty actress, who fans couldn’t get enough of her rocking her natural hair, has shared how she cured severe toothache without having to visit the dentist.

Sharing that her method is not for the “rich’ but the “poor”, she says the trick is to use “Alum” that white solid substance you use in washing away the slime from snails.

She wrote:

Alum ..just 50naira worth of Alum. Almost 24 pieces in this nylon. I used just 2 piece to Cured my severe toothache. Wish I know this earlier. Was scared to visit the dentist . enduring d pain tried all sorts …warm water and salt combo. Etc… Them this lady told me to use alum just put it close to the tooth for 5days and switch to anti cavity toothpaste. Just wondering how someone will go to school then become a dentist them this shitty cheap alum will take over his job… Well pls don’t use this alum to cure ur toothache if ur rich.. Am only posting this for the poor.