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Nwabunor Rosemary Grillo, popularly known as Bunor is an On  Air Presenter (OAP) and presenter of popular radio programme, Pillow Talk. Bunor, the love doctor as some choose to call her will today host the third edition of her Love Nite With Bunor in Lagos. Anthonia Duru cornered her few days back and this amazon of many parts spoke on love and the healing power of love.
Can you share with us more about your show?
My show “Love Nite With Bunor” was birthed from my late night radio programme, ‘PILLOW TALK’, which takes place every Tuesday night through Friday mornings and my Saturday afternoon programme, ‘WEDDING & RELATIONSHIP GIST’ on 95.1 Wazobia Fm, Lagos.  Having playing so many roles in helping people on radio solve their relationship and marital issues, I decided I needed to make the programme a platform where people cannot only hear me give relationship advice on radio but to create an atmosphere where they can meet me and I meet them one-on-one to discuss and proffer solution this time around by also bringing on the platform seasoned and wise relationship experts.

Why love when there are other issues to deliberate on?

Love is a universal thing and for me, it cannot be over-emphasised. Love is the only thing that makes the world go round. Love is needed in every aspect of our lives as humans. We cannot deny its existence neither can we have enough of it. Looking back now from my background, I decided to go for love because I realised that it is only when our relationships and marriages are based on real love, then we can have balanced or normal families in our society which could also solve so many heart-wrenching issues going on in our world today.

What informed your show?

I was inspired to start this show when I realised that helping people solve their relationship issues on radio went a long way to make them better couples and friends. With the help of God and His wisdom, I’ve been able to help couples solve their marital issues. This brings my thoughts back to a particular couple. They have two handsome little boys, aged 2 and 4. They were having so many quarrels and disagreements to the extent that they decided it was over and done with. The man contacted me on my Facebook page. To cut a long story short, I invited him and his wife. They aired their minds, argued some more, but at the end of our discussions, they were both willing to give their marriage another chance, not because of the children but because of the mutual love they shared for each other.

What is your take on love at first sight?

Despite the fact that I’m romantic at heart, I’m still not a fan of love at first sight. Maybe because I’m a reserved person, I like to take my time to study someone and start as friends first. That gives me enough room to know the real person.

How far should a woman go for love?

For me, a woman is an epitome of love. She’s able to nurture, protect, keep and preserve what she loves dearly and this is why sometimes, I don’t blame them when they go all out to do everything within their power to protect what they love.  Women can go far for the love they believe in as long as it gives them peace and as long as it does not bring sadness to their fellow ladies. You know what I’m talking about. (Laughs)

Can you share with us your love story?

When people ask me about my love story, I giggle. I met my husband at a youth gathering. I was invited by a female colleague of mine. When I first met him, he was sitting quietly and he was so dark to his palm. For me that wasn’t my kind of man. I always liked fair people. We got talking and he asked for my phone number which I refused to give to him instead I gave him my Blackberry (bb) pin.  To be frank, I was more interested in another guy I met at the gathering. After the gathering, I went clubbing with my colleague and some other guys which included the guy I was interested in. He asked for my number and I gave him. The dark guy gave me a ping later on that day to know if I was home and I told him I was on a party spree since it was a Friday and my day-off from work. He declined going with us. After that, there was no communication until after three months. Meanwhile, I was into the other guy but I was beginning to feel irritated because he was more like a recluse. If I send a message to him at 6a.m, it will take him till 6p.m before he replies. Like I said earlier, my husband pinged me to say ‘hi’. He said he wanted to see me and it’s urgent and I said okay. We fixed time and place to meet. When we did meet, I thought he was going to start talking about his relationship issues with his girlfriend because of the urgency behind his wanting to see me but lo and behold it was business matter. Good! I was game. He shared his business ideas with me and we continued chatting and before you know it, we were talking like old long lost friends who just got reunited again. The waiter at the eatery had to inform us that it was late and they needed to close for the night before we realised it was already late. Well, I’d say that was the beginning of our friendship, not love yet. We got doing business together. He asked me to handle his clothing outfit business while he continued with his Real Estate business which I joyfully accepted because I like being creative with anything I lay my hands on. I remember those Thursdays he used to go for his radio program on Real Estate, I joggled along with him to the radio station after my night show. No sleep until we are through with the programme. My Thursdays back then were not funny but because I believed in his dream, I had to contain the inconveniences. We continued like this for another two months before I fell in love with him. It all started when I was made the hostess of my co-anchor’s birthday at the beach. I was running here and there, trying to make sure everyone was okay when he came to excuse me from the crowd and took me to a farther part of the beach side. There, he gave me the first kiss. I guess that was when I really took a deep look at him – like hey, Bunor, what have you been looking for all this while?’ So that was how our love relationship started and today we are married and have a handsome prince charming. I just can’t thank God enough for everything. Yea, sometimes we do have disagreement. That is inevitable in any relationship but mutual respect, understanding and love helps to cement the gaps.

You are an OAP, how do you juggle this with other responsibilities as a mother, wife and an entrepreneur?

I just couldn’t have coped without God. Especially when you are on the night time-belt and you are married. So many temptations and it’s no joke at all. I thank God for giving me an understanding man who believes I would be faithful, night job or no night job. God has been my strength and I try as much as possible to have a plan which works perfectly for me and helps keep things in balance. I always believe that when you are accountable to God, you’d be accountable to your spouse no matter what may happen. It has more to do with your mindset. One of the benefits of working at night is that it gives me ample time to be with my family all day. I’m always with our son all day and I get to do other businesses and run some courses during the day, and after work , I’m back at home like I didn’t go anywhere.

What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

The craziest thing I did for love was trying to joggle my night shift with my husband’s Real Estate radio programme back then when I was supposed to be relaxing and sleeping. I wouldn’t have done it for the whole tea in China but love made me do it despite the whole stress and sleepy eyes.

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