By G9ija

Read this important notice shared by Malik Nasir, to warn Nigerians about the danger of buying unverified fairly used phones and gadgets which could land them in prison.

Any time you buy that fairly or London used phone, you could be buying your way to prison. Stolen phones are now packaged or disguised as London or fairly used phones. Most of the phones were collected at gun-point or by robbers, stolen in traffic, snatched vehicles and bags, pickpocketed etc.

Some of the disguised London or fairly used phones carry murder cases, particularly, where the true owners were murdered. Several of such reported cases of stolen phones come from Oshodi, Mile 2, Mile 12, Mushin

These phones are mostly without packs and chargers.

Each time you buy used phone, insist on the source and get your receipt. Please, keep it. That could be your saviour when the law enforcement agents tracked the phone to you because it might be difficult getting those that sold it to you.

Note that, each time you buy that unverified fairly or London used phone, you are helping to keep robbers and criminals in business.

As soon as the robbers and criminals get their victims’ phones, they are moved to Computer Village, Mushin and other markets where they are made to look like London or Fairly Used Phones.