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G9ija says: If every Nigerian with a compassionate heart and whatever means like these gentlemen and Lady (First Baba Isa, Ofem Ekapong Ofem, Okoi Eduson, Peter Offem Ubi, Faith Nwaozuzu), would help fellow Nigerians going through EXTREME hardship, be it Men, women and children in any capacity, would go a long way in reducing hardcore crime waves besetting the country as a result of Desperation of Nigerians who do not have any means of income whatsoever. We salute the effort of these people who took it upon themselves to help this child, they are indeed Great Nigerians who can only be rewarded by God.

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The young boy who was found hawking on the streets of Cross River about a month ago, has been gracefully taken from the streets and been put in school.

Facebook user, First Baba Isa shared the joyful story on Facebook alongside photos. He wrote:


Do you remember that little boy I met hawking in Ogoja about a month ago? He is now in school. One of the best private schools in Ogoja where he is given one full meal a day and the school bus also picks him up daily to go to school. He has been issued uniforms, textbooks and exercise books. Our little chap is on his way to greatness. I’m so excited!
When I met this little cutie hawking when he was suppose to be in school, my heart broke. The father initially resisted my initial move to help. We went past that and here we are. I’m not a millionaire but the little we have, we can share. We can’t save the thousands of kids hawking on our streets but for this one, we have taken him off the streets. And by the grace of God he will stay off the streets and study up to the university.
We didn’t do this alone. We just couldn’t. When I wrote about this kid, many persons supported me with kind words and holy anger… Some did more. Ofem Ekapong Ofem, Okoi Eduson, Peter Offem Ubi, sent in money to support his schooling. Thank you my brothers. The little you sent went a long way. Ofem Ekapong Ofem has even pledged to send in a token every term for his school fees. God bless you sir.
I want to specially thank Faith Nwaozuzu, for being a main driver of this project. I salute you Ma. The kid is surely in safe hands.
We can be the change we want to see in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for always being there… Oya let’s prophesy what course this kid will end up reading in the university. You can wish him well by addressing him with the title of the profession you wish for him.
Firsts Baba Isa, FBI.