By G9ija

When news of Tonto Dikeh’s marital woes broke I was crushed, everybody was crushed too! After going through a lot to conceal her Mr X then this goes on to happen. Come on!

You know, when Tonto found love the thought that someone so society contrary and hated for the bad girl image could fall in love (with a rich man at that) was too good to be true.

We watched as Tonto Dikeh and Mr X got married and welcomed a little boy, King Andre, metamorphosing into a relationship expert, such joy!

Then the worst happened! First, she was accused of reckless behaviour and returning to her old smoking habit.

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill’s drug test result (instagram)

The actress, however, proceeded to conduct a drug test proving she had quit being a pothead a long time ago.

Then speculations another woman was in the picture arose. The woman in question was specifically actress Rose Meurer, who was still seen with Churchill yesterday during Praise’s ambassadorial unveiling (story for another day).


Later Churchill was accused of having an affair with Bobrisky (which everyone, including Bob, denied). He also accused Tonto of keeping his child away from him. Tonto accused him of neglect.

I kept thinking to myself when would this back and forth end! Tonto should just go and reconcile with her husband.
Until I learned she’s moved out.

You see when a woman moves out of her marital home it goes a long way. It could mean she’s no longer interested and even if she goes back things would never be the same anymore.

Tonto in her own words said, “No one knows what goes on behind close doors…I chose to make you believe and see what I wanted you all to see in order to protect even those that did not deserve protection.”

We still don’t know what was going on behind their close doors. But one thing is for sure, Tonto Dikeh has closed that door and she is not going back.

Yes! She’s happy. The actress has been sharing sunny photos and posts on Instagram to prove that.

Just recently she was crushing on herself and doesn’t seem to be bothered about her marital drama.

She’s loving the single life and enjoying every single bit of it.
The mum of one is currently chilling in some undisclosed location and she’s happy.

Enough of the “Tonto go back to your husband” reprimand. She wants to be happy and if her happiness means staying away from her husband then let her be!

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