By G9ija

Olajumoke transformation in 2016 saw her transit from a bread hawker who lived in Liberty Bakery where she slept on the floor with scores of hawkers and bakers to a multi millionaire with two endorsements and a three bedroom flat with modern furniture and gadgets in Surulere. Her children also got scholarship to university level.

Her mother, Mrs. Ramota Kamorudeen is ecstatic that her daughter now speaks English and is assisting the family. She has advised Olajumoke to remain humble, respectful and prayerful.

She told Encomium, “I can’t express how happy I am that my daughter is now educated. I pray God should not stop His mercy on us. I am now reaping the fruits of my labour. I pray to God for long life, so that I can enjoy this more and more. My advice for her is that she should be humble, kind, respectful and most importantly be prayerful.

She added that she has been in constant communication with her daughter, adding that her younger sister had moved in with her.

“We talk on phone. She even called me yesterday night. I have been to her place. Even, during the last holiday, I went there with her younger sister. She is now living in her place,” she said.

Olajumoke’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Janet Orisaguna, who was taking care of her second child in Iree while she hustled in Lagos also offered some advice to the lovable model. She said that her daughter had been pampering her with goodies since her fortune changed and she urged her to remain submissive to her husband.

“My advice for them is that they should not allow a third party in their relationship and they should put prayer first in everything they are doing. I believe with this God will continue to guide them through,” she said.