By G9ija

A big round of applause to the lady who slammed her attention-seeking ex in the most epic manner.

A Twitter user @simsimmaaa shared the story of a man who tried to make his ex jealous by showing her a photo of himself and his new love interest.

The man shared the photo with an accompanying message  ‘Hope this doesn’t offend you when you see it’.

See The Epic Responses This Man Got after Trying to Make his Ex JealousThe woman had the greatest comeback for him, as she sent him a photo her engagement ring on it, with the same message as his: ‘Hope this doesn’t offend you.’

The man, who wasn’t expecting the response he got, replied,

See The Epic Responses This Man Got after Trying to Make his Ex Jealous‘Well, okay. You basically just spit in my face. How classy of you. You’re better than that’, he began. ‘Congratulations, you just ruined my whole fucking day.’

‘No reply? Ha, typical,’ he went on when he was yet to get a reply after a few hours.

‘New phone. Who this?’ was her hilarious reply.

He was shocked. ‘What?’ he asked.

Seeing as he wasn’t getting a reply again, he began his tirade of words.

‘I hope whoever that chump is can make you happier than I did because apparently I couldn’t do shit for you. But I know you know deep down that you two will never have the kind of connection that we did. I’ll always have love for you and I hope you feel the same.’He continued,

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‘I would also appreciate if you didn’t purposely try to make me feel poorly by sending me pictures like that. Thanks.’

‘I guess I get why you didn’t end up with me. I’m divorced and a loser. You deserve so much more than that.’ (I couldn’t agree more). ‘I’m pathetic’ (spot on). ‘I should be glad you ever even gave me the time of day.’

When he got no response, he tried to cajole her into having lunch with him, telling her he’d moved somewhere close to where she stays.

At this point, the woman replied, ‘Unsubscribe.

And the attention seeking lousy man ended with a curse, ‘See you in hell.’

Trust me when I say the lady is better off with this ranting, childish man.