By G9ija

An old woman has been found dead and buried in a shallow grave some weeks after she had gone missing she was reportedly killed her own son.

According to Daily Sun SA, there was trace of the dead woman for almost a month. However, according to residents, the son’s guilty conscience forced him to lead cops to a shallow grave under the floor of his house.

A neighbour revealed that the man kept saying he was sorry he killed his mother.

Nobody can explain why the 46-year-old son would kill his 72-year-old mother.

The grandmother who lived in Migson Manor, south of Joburg, went to take care of her son in Fine Town.

Cecilia Mkahejane (44), a neighbour from Fine Town, said she last saw the woman on 20 January when she sent her to the shop to buy chips.

“When I didn’t see her again I wondered what may have happened to her, but thought she may have gone back to her own place in Maxima,” she said.

But on Friday the relatives started asking questions. A family spokeswoman said she called her aunt on Friday, but her cellphone went straight to voicemail.

“I told other family members we needed to check on her,” said the relative.

She said they even went to Orange Farm Police Station, which sent them to a local mortuary where there was body of an elderly woman.

“But it wasn’t her,” she said.

They went to the son’s house on Saturday.

“We asked him where grandmother was and at first he tried to lie. He said she was taken to Bloemfontein by another relative named Thabo.”

But the family does not have a relative named Thabo. That raised the alarm and they started looking around the house.

“We asked him about a spot in the house which had soil and a carpet and that is when he confessed,” claimed the relative.

They removed the carpet and saw the grave.

“This has broken our hearts,” she said. “Who in their right mind would kill their own parents, bury them under the floor and sleep in the same house?”

Neighbours told Daily Sun they were shocked when the 46-year-old son confessed to killing his mother and then allegedly burying her before putting a mat and a sofa over the grave.

“He kept saying he was sorry he killed her,” one resident said.

The cops were called and on Sunday morning the gogo’s remains were exhumed as neighbours gathered in the street outside the house.

Police spokesman, Sergeant Vincent Mashiteng confirmed a case of murder was opened.

“The suspect was arrested at the scene and charged with murder,” said the cop.

He will be appearing in court soon.