By  Tunde Fapohunda (MD)

The killings of Some African nationals especially Nigerians in south African has now become a yearly open season for committing genocide against them. Despite the FG sending feeble yearly messages to the South African government, this has only emboldened this murderous South Africans to carry out their evil act with impunity yet the FG can only send a message of condemnation.

Why is it that, at the slightest rumour of some alleged Nigerians or Africans misdemeanour all hell will break loose. True some immigrants have been carrying out various nefarious activities in the host nation but then South Africa is understood to have a rule of law that underpin its society but this seems to have disappeared in recent times and replaced with Isis like savagery except without the suicide bombers. Most indigenous black south Africans have low economic prospects which has resulted partly in resentment against Nigerians and other African immigrants.

The South African government has demonstrated a total lack of interest in arresting this genocidal activity, they only send riot police who struggle to arrest and bring anyone to justice. The government of South Africa should have earlier sent in soldiers to deal with the perpetrators of this evil acts which will have demonstrated the seriousness of the situation. Local Zulu leaders have been known in the past to incite violent attacks against immigrants. Till date there is no known perpetrator arrested and brought to justice.

The response of the Nigerian FG has been totally astonishing (putting it nicely) and totally out of steps with the situation on the ground. Why is the SA ambassador to Nigeria not summoned to explain why protection has not been offered to Nigerians and other African immigrants? FG could have also sent in warships to Evacuate every Nigerians that wants to escape the ongoing carnage. I understand we are in the middle of a self-imposed recession, surely we still have a bit of money to execute such operations, maybe I am deluded in thinking that the Nigerian FG cares about its citizens, you only have to see some of the reactions to some of the conflicts within our nation. The FG should please intervene more powerfully, to imply that Nigerians lives matter’s (immigrants). You will be amazed about stories of how Nigerians are treated around some African countries at airports. Maybe these happen because they realise that the Nigerian government would do nothing.

Please watch the Videos Above if you can and see how Fellow Nigerians and other African immigrants are being butchered In Africa by mainly impoverished South Africans.


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