WOW! A woman who has been barren for 19 years has welcomed a baby after 9 miscarriages and 4 IVF.

In an Instagram post the lady, Kaojo, @LadyK expressed her joy and thanked God for his mercies. She explained that she had been barren for 19 years and she had 9 miscarriages. @LadyK  said God gave a child when she least expected it after trying so hard.

@LadyK said:

“Forever my praises shall be heard in at the nooks and crannies of the world for what the most high God has done. Just like Anna, he took my reproach away and gave me joy everlasting. I have search through eternity but they is no one I can compare with this God who makes impossible situation possible. My God who made a barren woman of 19 year sing for joy of motherhood after 9 miscarriages, 4 IVF but then gave a child naturally at the time i least expected. E ba mi pe oruko re, emi ni tin je emi ni. The one who promises and fulfils it at his own time. What can I say or how can I explain or describe this God. God your praises will always be heard from my abode. Yahweh the miracle working God.”

“I bless your name for who you are. No matter what we might be going through know that God is in the midst of it. He might be silence but definitely working on your situation and at its own appointed time he would show forth for the glory of his name.” 

God is still working wonders.