By G9ija

Since when Nollywood actress Tonto Dike has confirmed leaving her marriage, she has been castigated and called all sort of names for not keeping her home despite its challenges.

Like the saying goes there is always two side to a story, but people will only understand the sides if you speak up and explain things the way they are.

This has been what so many of our celebrities have been doing, they keep mum when things goes wrong about them, when they break the silence they reveal quarter of what happened leaving the public to interpret and misinterpret their ordeal, which sometimes does more harm than good.

Her is another side to Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage crash ordeal that many didn’t know about, but reports has it that she would be talking about it really soon.

Wondering why she took the drastic decision of not forgiving her man and fixing her marriage? Here is some clues flying around.

According to popular blogger SDK, she has been tolerating domestic violence from her partner, Olakunle Churchill and there are scars on her body as proof.

This is said to be the reason she doesn’t post full pictures of herself online and report also has it that, her ordeal has been why she has been preaching against domestic violence restlessly in recent time.

We hope she speaks up really soon and share her stories, if this is really true. So far so well, nothing has been heard from the stable of Olakunle Churchill who is said to have a history of domestic violence.

Her scars are allegedly located on her legs, ribs and her back.

Culled from timeofgist