By G9ija

A single mom melted hearts with her action which has arguably earned her the position of ‘best mom in the world.’

The mom identified as Whitney Kittrell disclosed that she had to dress like a man to please her son who needed his late dad at the moment.

According to Whitney, her husband died three years ago and she made a promise to do everything to give her kids a ‘normal’ life.

The ‘normal’ life has led to various experiences including teaching her son how to play a catch, kill bugs with minimal screaming.

This time her vow led her to paint on some facial hair, wearing a man’s suit to attend her son’s ‘dads and doughnuts’ event.

Her son appreciated her efforts so much that he gave a tight hug and told her ‘Mom… I know that you’ll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you…’

See screenshot of her post below: