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I am No Longer A Prostitute – Female minister


By G9ija

Zambian Minister of Information who was allegedly an ex-prostitute has begged her people to forget about her past and focus on who she is presently.

The Zambian Observer reports that the beautiful minister, Kampamba Mulenga, has allegedly urged everyone to forget her past records of promiscuity and judge her on her present and future life as she is now a changed person.

There are reports that the young woman was a very popular prostitute before her appointment as a minister.

But speaking last week, she said she was deeply saddened by some Zambians who still refer to her past when describing her.

She reiterated the fact that she is now a changed person as she has left her past behind.

“I am a change person who deserve to be welcomed and accepted in the society”, she told some PF senior members in Livingstone.

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