By G9ija

A middle aged Nigerian man has discovered that a young man he raised from birth and who is now 32 years old is not his biological son , after all.

The Nigerian man who resides in the United Kingdom, Mr . Oscar, was forced to arrange for a DNA test to determine the paternity of his erstwhile son, Valentine, when his wife allegedly told their presumed son that Oscar was not likely to be Valentine’ s biological father.

Valentine and his ‘dad’ Oscar at his graduation from university in Britain.

Valentine had dragged his supposed dad , Oscar , to a DNA test centre in Britain after his mother informed him a month ago that the man who had brought him up for the last 32 years may not actually be his dad.

As a doting father , Oscar had brought Valentine to England from Nigeria and put him through school.

Result of the DNA test

When the result of the DNA test was read to him , Oscar wailed in


agony as the results said there was “ no per cent chance ” he and Valentine were father and son. Oscar wailed in despair as he asked : “ He ’ s not my son ?

A terribly disappointed Oscar lets out horrendous wail! Valentine was speechless.