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Rhoda Jepkhorir of Kenya, first female runner at the Lagos city marathon is also presented with her trophy

Rhoda Jepkhorir of Kenya, the first female elite athlete to cross the finish line in Saturday’s 2 Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, said she would not hesitate to marry a Nigerian if approached.

Jepkhorir told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the finish point that she would not hesitate due to the kind nature of Nigerians.

“If a Nigerian man should ask for my hand in marriage, I will marry him because Nigerians are nice people.

“Nationality is no barrier, so far he is committed and caring, I will have no option,’’ she said.

Some of the female winners at the Lagos City Marathon 2017

She also said that she loved watching the duo of Nigerian actors, Aki and Pawpaw, saying that she was so attached to Nigeria.

“Aki and Pawpaw are my best actors in Nigeria, I have so much love for the Nigerian movie industry,’’ the runner said.

The athlete, who is visiting Nigeria for the first time, said that winning the race was a dream comes through for her.

“The race has given me the opportunity to come to my dream country, I will come over and over again,’’ she said.

As Usual, Nigerians in their own way have reacted to Kenya’s Rhoda interest in Marrying a Nigerian. See Below some reactions gotten from the internet.

Ok, with all due respect, no one is interested in marrying you here ma’am. You Kenyans are weird by nature.

In other thought, you may try bobrisky, seems your perfect fit

That’s good, but Man no dey marry Man for naija

U are welcome in Nigeria whole heartedly

If you ain’t down for some marathon Knackinz, my bro, dont bother looking to hook up with her, trust me.

Naija still be anti-gay

She seems ok by nature, but damn it I really need me some flesh, my hands are big and I love grabbing

Please Keep running….we appreciate! Buh we no want!