The Emir of Kano, Malam Muhammadu Sanusi II, has slammed Nigerian leaders for being self-centred.

According to him, most Nigerian leaders only thought of their pockets and families.

“The bane of leadership in Nigeria is that the leaders are selfish; they only think of their families,” he said.

Sanusi made this observation while speaking at an award ceremony in Abuja on Wednesday.

He noted that most leaders no longer think of those that elected them into office but their families and interest.

“Those of us who think that public office is a place to enjoy ourselves should think again.

“Poverty, lack of education breeds violence because many segments of the society are denied access to basic amenities,” he said.

He called on those in power to start thinking of how to empower other persons instead of enriching their pockets.

The Emir attributed the security challenges being experienced in the country to poverty and lack of education, among other factors.

Sanusi also urged the Federal Government to tackle other forms of security challenges, having recorded a huge success in tackling insurgency in the country.

He said that security was a big challenge in the country.

“Once a state cannot provide security, it is not fit to be a state,” he said.