There was however, a little discomfort among the church members who were a little suspicious given the fearlessness with which the man of God had openly chastised Islamic extremism and Government’s sloppy handling of religious crisis in the country, last week. According to a loyal member of the church who pleaded anonymity, if the Muslims who came to be converted weren’t genuine, Pastor Chris would have easily known. “If I tell you what this man does and the things that he has uncovered since I’ve been coming here, you’ll never call him a human being again. He would have known. He’s too strange”, he said. Some of the converts explained that the boldness of the man of God attracted them to the ministry, saying that no Muslim respects “coward pastors”. Others explained that they had varying degrees of life threatening health challenges which they said had defied conventional medicines, hence their decision to seek help from the man popularly known as “The Oracle of God”. In the same vein, the man of God who also last week donated 3.5 million Naira to ailing Nollywood actors also shocked an indigent widow with a cash gift of 500,000 Naira. The woman whose predicament had threatened to alienate her from her community burst out in tears, as she never expected that level of intervention. According to the man of God, “To me, Ministry without Charity is useless. I wouldn’t be in Ministry if I couldn’t help humanity. As much as I’m able to do, I’ll do until the day I go to be with the Lord in heaven.” Staying true to his New Year resolutions, the Man of God promises to take Ministry and Charity to a whole new level in this year, 2017 and beyond.

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