Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola who has been in the news of late after her husband, Kayode Salako, warned people on social media against reporting him to his wife whenever they spot him with another woman has reacted calling infidelity just a word.


The actress in a chat with Tribune noted that he could never leave her husband because of infidelity adding that she does not need people reporting him to her.

She noted that what she shares with her husband is greater than what people know and thus people should mind their business.

In reaction to what his wife said during the interview, Kayode Salako took to his Instagram page to write: “Funny enough, harassing a liberally inclined, optimally exposed and well informed socialite like me with that ugly word ” Infidelity” is like harassing a soldier with a dane gun or a brother in a church with an outdated bible. The most important to me is to continue to be a responsible man that I have always been to my conscience. I always tell my wife that playing Romeo and Juliet in this relationship wont ever bring money to the house. It is good and extensive association with substantial people that will expand our coast. So, the two of us do not limit ourselves. We are free to live. And we have been living to benefit from the exploration.That word “infidelity” does not exist in the dictionary of what my wife and I share and have built. We are Africans. We are not British or whites. We are not members of Deeper Life. We are two realistic and value based people, who know what being responsible and ideal to marital values is all about… We are in love and understand each other perfectly…”

A lot of have been written against us by the media about what we said and what we did not say. but one thing they won’t be able to write about for a long time is the story that the ‘conviction’ which brought us together has died…We are very sure about that…” – Olukayode Salako.”

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