By Olayinka Fapohunda

We are almost two weeks into the New Year, and most of us have set goals, targets, that we plan to achieve one way or the other: But we have  to develop an attitude that makes us more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus, to keep standing. Do we plan to finish our course? Enjoy the journey, fulfil destiny, and have everything that Jesus died for me and you to have.

Zech 4:7 – Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain:

Two negative elements that the devil throws out at our minds, are Doubts and Unbelief, these are discouraging and crippling – causing us to remain in our comfort zones, remaining in same rut – and wishing for things to change… if only I could go back to school, if only I could loose weight, or  I wish for a new career.

Its time to quit wishing, guard our hearts, and make up our minds to ‘Just do it’ and asking for God to help us to have the wisdom to make good choices and decisions hence overcoming trials and tribulations…. If we can only hand over and put our faith and trust in the Most  High God.

Is our mind full of unbelief and doubt….?. this mind set, war against our faith in God. Are we thinking  or believing he is helping others but not me, I can’t do it, no funds to start that business, too old to go back to college.

God is a faithful God: he doesn’t expect perfection from us, he will meet you where you are, he works in our life through faith. We need to make our minds up to trust   him, have a hopeful, positive attitude, being expectant that ‘something good is about to happen to me right now’, be excited:

Most importantly we need to open our mouths and declare   the WORD, the SCRIPTURE concerning that issue and refuse to let the devil use your mind as toxic waste dump.

The nugget here is believing the word of God as it is: No funfare, this is our source, our life wire. We go after the word because our life depends on it, it will be keep us sane: it is medicine for our soul and the food to keep our mind and spirit strong.

For 2017, study and speak the word and the good things God has done not the negative elements of the devil. Up your game, maintain and respond  with the WORD: Refuse to Give up, refuse to be passive, be determined as you run this fresh race, spend time with like minded people that also feed your faith – Guard your mind jealously, and you will continuously defeat doubt and unbelief:

‘Just do it’. Keeping your mind healthy.