A Chinese teenager missed his migrant worker father so much that he faked his own kidnapping this week so that the man could come home to see him.

The 13-year-old, from Chongqing, south-west China, had his hands and feet tied to a tree before messaging his father, claiming he had been kidnapped, according to Chinese media. The boy later told the police that he had planned the kidnapping because he did not want his father to leave home.

The teenager, surnamed Zheng, lives in the Peiling district of Chongqing. According to Peiling police, the teen’s father contacted them after receiving a text message which claimed that his son had been kidnapped, reported Chongqing Morning Post. After talking to the father, the police deducted that Zheng should be located at the Shiling village in Yihe town.
The officers arrived at the village and found Zheng behind a farmhouse. His hands and feet were bound to a tree at the time.

Police officer Liu Yi told a reporter from the Chongqing Morning Post that Zheng was alone when they found him and he was playing on his phone. Officers tried to ask the boy questions, and the boy refused to talk initially.

After officers brought the boy back to their police station and gave him instant noodles, Zheng told them that the kidnapping had been planned and carried out by himself.