10-Hour Delay: Angry Passengers beat up Arik Air Staff for Allegedly “Fighting with a Passenger”

It has not been the best of times for Nigeria’s largest commercial airline, Arik Air in the last couple of months.

Passengers have taken to social media to call out the carrier for poor customer service and delayed flights.

Today, the anger got physical, as passengers assaulted an official of the airline, who was reportedly fighting with another passenger.

A Tweeter user shared the following videos:

Another Twitter user claimed that due to a 10-hour delay, passengers locked the airline’s staff in, saying that if they do not begin their journey, then no staff is going home.

The brawl started after the staff reportedly tried to sneak the manager’s bag out of the office.


While the grievances of the customers are genuine, what must be condemned is the assault on the company’s staff, as the following tweets assert:

According to tweets, police officers have arrived the scene and calm has been restored.