A Lagos-based marriage counsellor, Mrs Ola Madari, on Monday advised youngsters who are due for marriage not to marry jealous spouses.

Madari, the coordinator of the Family Victory Marriage Counselling Home, said that a partner who possesses the said attribute may later become an abuser.

She told the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) in an interview that eliminating the feelings of jealousy may be difficult after marriage.

“Jealousy is one of the greatest destroyer of relationships and marriages, and the reason is that it creates feelings of anger and frustration in the one who is being accused of infidelity.

“Jealousy is like poison and it already dwells in the blood; if one of the partners possesses it, there won’t be trust.

“In case you are in a relationship and the man doesn’t trust you or he does not believe in whatever you tell him, please flee from such a man.

“If you marry a jealous spouse, your marriage is bound to be in trouble because there will be feelings of frustration and worry.

“Maintaining a healthy marital relationship is like tending to a garden; it needs lots of attention, but a jealous spouse will not raise a healthy and happy crop,” she said.

Madari also advised that marriage should be based on trust, not on fear, frustration or worry.

She, however, advised those who are married to jealous spouses to seek marriage therapists, who will counsel them on how to handle the issues. (NAN)