By Olayinka Fapohunda

God is the only God of second chances; he gives a fresh start.

As 2016 rolls, rapidly way, it is time to let go of the past and trust God for the future and in 2017. Everybody has a baggage or baggage’s, but God gives the opportunity to reflect, forgive, to redeem ourselves and invest in new beginnings.

Looking through the word of God, he is in the business of giving fresh starts, new beginnings, overturning, restoration – The birth of Christ thousands of years ago, signified a fresh start for mankind. We sometimes lose sight of our ‘Great God’ and how Gracious he is to us due to current challenges and troubles that can be so difficult.

It’s no use taking out anger, offenses, grudges on everybody around us: Begin this journey by  forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and moving on and then only will you begin to experience true joy and a new beginning.

It’s never too late to start again and have a new beginning: Your past is not your destiny – It’s time to move on, let go and Trust God to lead you each step of the way, do not resist, do not doubt. Prov 3:6 ‘In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path’: We do not have the Satnav for this journey, but The Most High God has road maps … if we trust him to take over by acknowledging and cast our burdens over and over.

God is a Good God: he has our best interest at heart: Trust where he is taking you. If it hasn’t happened ‘he knows what you do not know’. Relax and be Rest assured he’s got your back.