This great feat by the ex-convict who has faced many arrests and had two prison stints proves that it is never too late to start again.

Norman had a rough start in life. At age 15 he was already using heroin and before long was making money on the streets selling dope and for thirty-five years he was addicted to the substances he sold.

He was first sent to prison in 1967. Decades later, he was sent to a correctional facility where he spent six years for manslaughter after stabbing a man in a street fight. It was those six years that changed his life. While there, David turned his love for money into books and began learning and also teaching other inmates.
He got out in year 2000, a changed man and got a job as an outreach worker in a hospital where he helped substance abusers. This job led to him working and schooling in Columbia University.

He plans to write a book which he will give the title, ‘You don’t have to wait as long as I did’