Raghad Saddam Hussein said that she respected the US President-elect because he had a “high level of political sensibility”.

She said that Mr Trump was unlike any other American politician and praised him for opposing the Iraq War.

In her first interview since Saddam was executed 10 years ago, Raghad defended her father as a ‘hero’.

This man has a high level of political sensibility

Raghad Saddam Hussein

Raghad said she had never seen the video of the former Iraqi dictator being hanged and said that he died an ‘honorable’ death that made her proud.

During the US election Mr Trump praised Saddam for killing terrorists and bringing stability to Iraq.

He claimed that he opposed the Iraq War though he did initially support it in an interview with radio host Howard Stern.

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Donald Trump praised Saddam during the election for bringing stability to the region

Speaking to CNN Raghad, 48, said: “This man has just arrived to the leadership….But from what is apparent, this man has a high level of political sensibility, that is vastly different than the one who preceded him.

“He exposed the mistakes of the others, specifically in terms of Iraq, which means he is very aware of the mistakes made in Iraq and what happened to my father.”

Saddam, who ruled Iraq with brutality and violence for three decades, was hanged in 2006.

A leaked video shot by the execution gang showed him being shouted at by a group of men – but Saddam remained defiant until the end.

In the film he shouted back: “Is this how real men behave?” before the trap under him sprang open and he was hanged.

Speaking from Jordan, where she has been living since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Raghad said: “The details of his death are ugly and painful – but it’s an honorable death.

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Raghad Hussein has been living in Jordan since the 2003 invasion of Iraq

“I don’t think he would have gone in a death smaller than this.

“It was a death that brought pride to me, my children, my sisters and their children, to all those who love him and have a place for him in their heart.”

Raghad said that people who criticized her father could use “whatever labels they want”.

But for her he was a “hero, courageous, nationalistic, a symbol to millions of people”.

She said: “He was a struggler and he knew that his ending was not going to be easy.”

Raghad also denied she knew anything about Saddam massacring his own people but suggested that it could have been justified to keep the peace.

She said: “Yes, there was brutality, sometimes a lot of it and I can’t support brutality. But Iraq is a country that is difficult to rule and it’s only now that people are realizing it.”

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Donald Trump claimed recently that he was opposed to the Iraq War

Raghad told CNN she suffered personal loss at the hands of her father in 1996 when he ordered the execution of her husband, Hussein Kamel, a senior military official who oversaw Iraq’s nuclear programme.

After that her relationship with her father lost its ‘lustre’ but the invasion of Iraq in 2003 brought them closer together again.

Raghad said right until the end her father was ‘satisfied, grateful and proud of me’.

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Raghad respects her father despite their complicated relationship

Surprisingly she does not hold any grudges either.

Raghad said: “I know this is hard for a normal family to understand.

“But all families of rulers are not average people and sometimes it’s hard to understand the complexity of their lives.”