Not a few were surprised last weekend when the First Lady, Aisha Buhari and her team took up the publicity aspect of her daughter, Zahra’s wedding to Ahmed Indimi. She churned out pictures and every information on the wedding from both her twitter and Instagram handles.

Meanwhile, those following the Indimis on social media, would know they love publicity and always active online. So, their ‘low key’ approach to the ceremony especially the wedding Fathia and grand reception that took place in Abuja, was a surprise—the groom’s sisters didn’t post any pictures!

Truth is, three of Ahmed’s sisters were barred from the wedding by the First Lady, Aisha Buhari!

For these sisters— Ameena Indimi Dalhatu, Yataka , her twin sister, Zahra, aka, Ya’Gumsu, and the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, Rahama who is embroiled in a custody battle with Babangida—the National Mosque and the Aso Rock Villa were no-go areas on Friday December 16, 2016!

All directors at their father’s company, Oriental Energy Resources, these daughters of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, were said to have upset both Aisha and President Muhammadu Buhari before the Faithia wedding especially during the Lefe ceremony that witnessed the giving of 30 Louis Vuitton customised boxes as gifts to Zahra Buhari. The wedding was initially postponed due to the brouhaha that incident generated.

According to a reliable source, the Indimi sisters also caused a major embarrassment during a family introduction/Lefe ceremony. That day, Yataka Indimi had insisted on taking her mobile phone into the Presidential Villa, Abuja, contrary to security protocol.
She wanted to record all the proceedings, including the delivery of the boxes made by the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, with her mobile phone, despite the fact it was against standard security protocol in the villa.

However, a struggle ensued between Yataka and the security officials who tried to compel her to comply with protocol, only for her to resist.

According to a reliable family source, the argument degenerated to a scuffle, compelling the wife of the Nasarawa State governor, Mrs. Tanko Almakura, to step in to stop the altercation from getting out of hand and this may have injured her arm in the process.

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The sisters were reported to have said many unprintable things about the Buharis which was later relayed to the bride’s mother.

That wasn’t all.

By the time they brought in the gifts, they were asked to await the arrival of their hosts and they sat on the floor.

Not comfortable with their reception, the entourage began to grumble again of not just a bad reception but offered neither food nor water.

They were said to have also protested that the mother of the bride wasn’t present to receive them.

They never knew of the security devices in the Villa which makes it possible to hear whatever anyone utters.

After the Villa scuffle with security personnel, one of the Indimi girls made a post on Instagram where she alleged that the less than two years in the Villa had changed the Buharis. She, however, deleted the post less than ten minutes later.

Sources revealed that Aisha was put off by the undisciplined attitude of these ladies, which we learned was the reason she pointedly warned Ahmed to keep elder sisters away from all the activities leading to the wedding ceremony until after he is officially married to Zahra.

However, Adama Indimi, former girlfriend of music sensation, Dbanj was at the Abuja ceremony. Dressed in a lovely floor-length dress, she posted her personal pictures after the wedding ceremony.

According to Kemiashefonlovehaven this was part of what necessitated the President’s wife to personally handle photographs and write ups on her social media space.“The First Lady left nothing to chance, because the publicity craving Indimi family would have ruined it,” the source said.

*We just hope that they will not trouble Zahra in her new home.

Culled from Deltabreed