Shortly after pictures of him hawking doughnuts went viral because of his appearance, the man identified as Udoka has revealed how he started the business.

Man whose picture of him selling doughnuts went viral speaks

Man whose picture of him selling doughnuts went viral speaks

Udoka’s hustle was brought into our consciousness after a Facebook user shared pictures of him looking neatly dressed while going about his business of hawking doughnuts.

The father of two who hails from Akwa Ibom state, revealed the many rough patches which he has gone through in life, and how he started this business which has placed his name on people’s lips.

Speaking on his challenges, he said:

I have received a lot of calls from people telling me that they have been seeing and reading different interesting things about me on the social media. Whenever I go out to hawk these days, people treat me differently, as if I am a superstar. Though I am excited about this I give all glory to God

It was tough when I first arrived Lagos, I was rejected in almost all the factories I went to search for job, at one of such places, a staff of the factory told me that I should go and get proper education, that he saw me becoming something big in the future. That was the last time I ever went out to look for job again.”

Udoka eventually decided to fry and sell akara to make a living, the venture was successful for a while till things became bad once again. He said:

I was surprised when all of a sudden people stopped patronising my akara, there was a rumour in town that a man somewhere in Mushin was caught using human blood to prepare his akara. I had to gather the small money I had managed to save to buy a motorcycle for commercial transportation.

I didn’t ride okada for too long because law enforcement officers were always harassing us. I had to diversify into the making of doughnuts and other items after a woman introduced me to the business. I look back today and I am happy I ever made that decision.

I had to always dress well because the Bible says that whatever our hands findeth to do, we should do it well, so I had to apply wisdom into my business, People favour me a lot, Many times customers tell me to keep the change

In fact in 2012, the commissioner for environment in Lagos gave me N100, 000 and it was out of that money that I registered for UTME. My Wife Never Believed I Could Stoop So Low, It is my heart desire for my wife to also go to the university after I graduate, She has been very supportive; she has been a strong pillar behind me.”

There is indeed dignity in labour!