A 60-year-old man, Lawrence McKinney, who was wrongfully handed a 115-year imprisonment after he was convicted of rape and burglary in 1978 has been released and handed a N23,000 compensation.

Innocent man receives N23,000 compensation after 31 years in prison

He spent 31 years in prison for wrong conviction

The New York Daily News reports that the victim was later freed 31 years after because his DNA showed he was not responsible for the crime.

He was finally given a compensation of just about £60.

However, he is currently seeking $1 million compensation and his case may be looked into by a parole board.

 The man who hails from Memphis in Tennessee was quoted by the CBS News as saying: “I don’t have no life. All of my life was taken away.

“I don’t have no life, all my life was taken away.”

His lawyer, Jack Lowery, also argues that he deserves to be compensated for being denied freedom for most of his life.