Over the weekend, Daiwon McPherson staged his “arrest” at a gas station to propose to his woman of 5 years, Shawna. Armed police officers had demanded that he get on the ground, but when he knelt down, the scene took an unexpected turn. Unlike many of the incidents involving police officers and African-American males, the officers were in on McPherson’s plan. While down on one knee, he pulled a ring box from his jacket and asked his 28-year-old girlfriend, Shawnna, to marry him. Well, here’s the latest about Daiwon that is causing the internet to spin on his behalf yet again. McPherson used every dollar he could save to purchase the engagement ring he used for that viral  proposal. And now, he’s facing eviction. Daiwon made the revelation himself on Facebook live and said that it’s been months since he paid rent at the tattoo shop he works at because he put the money toward the ring. That he doesn’t even care though because giving his woman that special ring mattered to him much more than the shop. No just that, after Daiwon’s proposal video went viral, his sidechicks started speaking out and so also did his wife of 10 years! Turns out Daiwon is married to one woman, engaged to another and has a baby coming with yet another woman.

Below are conversations:

The lady pregnant for him shared this chat she had with Daiwon where he asked her to go get an abortion:

Daiwon and his new fiancee reacted to the accusations: