An Epidemiologist with the Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr. Ismail AbdusSalam, says regular physical exercise promotes sexual performance in male and female.
AbdusSalam, who is also a Consultant Public Health Physician said, “This is because regular exercises have a lot to do with production of testosterone in male.’’
He spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria on the sideline of the fourth annual “Walk For Life’’ exercise organised by the Human Concern Foundation International, an organ of The Muslim Congress, on Sunday in Lagos.
“It has been documented that when you perform regular exercise, it also promotes your sexual performance as male and as female, because these regular exercises have a lot to do with production of testosterone in male.
“And also in female, it has been found that this regular exercise promotes the sex drive and also the ability of that person to actually have sexual satisfaction.
“Aside that, regular exercises also solve sleep problems that some people do have.
“So, in all, regular exercise promotes health, increases the flow of blood, solves sleep problems and, aside that, so many other diseases are prevented.
“And also, it has been found to also solve the issue of mood problems.”
The consultant, who is also one of the board members of HCFI, further linked the importance of regular exercise to improvement in the nation’s economic productivity.
“Definitely, the productive segment of the population; if they are very active; if they are physically fit; it is going to prevent sickness absenteeism from work and it’s going to increase productivity.
“Because, the more you have your workforce being present at work, it increases the productivity of those people and increases our economic drive.
“So, our economy is going to be boosted when you have people who are working, who are physically fit, especially the productive segment.” (NAN)